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In November 2001 we had the privilege of purchasing this property from Mrs Lenore Garner who had owned the property with her husband for nearly 40 years. During those years the Garner family constructed a small flat roof home and their son Peter built the mud brick cottage and sheds whilst a student at Eltham High School. He then lived in the cottage for nearly 30 years.

Apart from a small garden surrounding the house and cottage, the Garners used most of the property to keep horses.


THE CURRENT GARDEN – ‘Work in progress’

As with most gardens, this garden is very much a work in progress. It is evolving as we understand the site and what works here, our ideas change and as time, energy and funds allow. Generally, the aim of our development has been to maintain the heritage character of the property, to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the area and to create a place that is inviting, restful and inspiring.

Since our first plantings in winter 2002, there have been a great many challenges and lessons to learn about establishing a garden in the valley.



Robert's wife, Wendy, and her sister, Melissa, run a cafe with a giftshop and boutique nursery located on the property called Lilies on Brougham. They also run Lily & Lulu, which is a succesful clothing, homewares & lifestyle business - 

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